Art & sensory classes for children, run by an early childhood specialist

Bowerbird Break

Little Bowerbird Studio is taking a break - email us if you'd like to know when we are back in the nest!

Welcome to our nest

 a space to foster creativity through art, science & sensory play

Come and join the fun!

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Toddler Sensory

For 1-2 year old bowerbirds

Come and let your little bowerbird explore the magical world of art and sensory play!

We know that little bowerbirds get distracted so we structure our classes to have different and varied activities to keep your little one engaged.

Activities include:

- Coloured Ice Painting

- Painting

- Water Play

- Mud Play

- Cubbies and Box Play

- Slime and Oobleck

- Rice Play

- Playdough 

- Collaborative Artwork 

- Sand Play and much, much more!

Come along!

Budding Artists

For 3-4 year old bowerbirds

Children learn from their peers, so the mixed age range allows the younger children to watch their older peers and pick up some handy tips.

Activities will cater for all ages.

Great for siblings to get messy, have fun and use their imaginations together!

Activities include:

- Sensory play

- Water play

- Mud play

- Slime and Oobleck

- Playdough

- Painting and drawing

- Small World Play

- Box Construction

- Kite Making

- Music Making

- Experiments and much, much more!

Join in!

Maestro Art Class

For 5-6 year old bowerbirds

Come and let your up-and-coming artist release their inner Picasso!

Our Maestro Classes offer fun and exciting project work for our older bowerbirds. Art, Science, creativity and imagination all come in to play in these classes. 

Projects include:

- Famous Artists

- Australian Art

- Around the World

- Science Alive

- Sculptures

- Nature

- Small Worlds

As well as designing, creating exploring, discovering and letting their imaginations run wild!

Pop-Up Holiday Classes coming soon... stay tuned!


Keep me posted!

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up"

It's going to get MESSY

Sculpture Class

Around the World in 10 weeks

Observational Painting

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

- Albert Einstein

Famous Artists

Sensory- Perfume Making

Graphics & Painting

Toddler Sensory

We look forward to seeing you soon!

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou

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Nature Play - Loose parts

Nature Play - Loose parts

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Box play

Box play

It may just look like a box to an adult, but to a child there is an endless amount of possibilities. It could be a hat, a cubby, a spaceship, a cave, a robot, a car, a submarine.... it is open to their imaginations.