Nature Play - Loose parts

At Little Bowerbird Studio we love incorporating natural items into the children's play and art. Natural items needn't be anything complicated. Simple items such as gum nuts, leaves, branches, shells and anything you find outside in nature are perfect. The best part about natural items is that children will always find a way to play with them and they can be as creative and imaginative as they like. The items can be re-used numerous times in all of their art and play.

Over the years, Clare and I have collected a large amount of natural loose parts and jars can be found around our houses with pebbles, shells and gum nuts. It is amazing how adding these items to say the block corner can straight away change the way they interact with the blocks.

The natural items also have a sensory benefit as they all have different textures, sizes, colours and smells. Try adding some natural items to your child's play and see how it changes!