Little Artists - Observation

We have been teaching Pre-Primary for many years and we have learnt a lot from our students. The biggest thing that we have learnt is that children will generally draw something based on what they think it should look like rather than what it really looks like. For example, if you ask them to draw a flower, it will generally be the cartoon style flower that most people will draw for their kids. 

There is no individuality, so we teach art from an observation point of view.

We teach the children to draw from observing their flower, or whatever it is that they are drawing. We talk about the lines, shapes, colours and in the end you would be amazed at what they have created. Each piece unique to every child, exactly what we were after. An individual piece of art representative of that child.

At Little Bowerbird Studio we also discuss colours and how to mix colours to get a close match to the real life object. We go on colour hunts and match swatches to natural objects to tune the children's eyes into differing shades. The children may only be 4 - 6 years old, but they are true artists. We love how they don't worry about what their art will look like as an adult would. They just get on with it and create something so special.